Best Time to go Gorilla Trekking

Best Time to Go Gorilla Trekking

Best Time to Go Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda 2021/22 – Best Time to Trek Gorillas

There has been a constant debate on what is the Best Time to go Gorilla Trekking. Well, many people might think booking a gorilla permit is enough to make your gorilla safari successful. But when you think of trekking these giant apes, you have to also think of the best time to visit them in their natural habitat.

The fact that gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo can be tracked all through the year and the tourists/clients still get the same level of experience that is why it is best to know which season will be favorable for you.

Some clients tend to avoid coming during rainy season, forgetting that some national parks like Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda is a tropical rain forest where chances of rain are high because it is located in equatorial forest.

For travellers planning to track Mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park and Virunga which are Uganda’s home of mountain gorillas. Due to its rareness in the world, clients pay a lot of money to get the gorilla permits which ranges from 600USD in Uganda and in Rwanda is it 1500USD per person and per trek. Therefore tourists would love to make the best use of their experience and best time when trekking.

As it is that mountain gorillas are found in Uganda and Rwanda, seasonality should be one of your most essential factors to put in mind before you plan your gorilla safari in Africa. The dry season and wet season are the most two important seasons we have in Uganda and they are experienced twice each year.

For drier seasons which usually start in the month of June, July, august, early September then it kicks off up to December and February are the most desired, thus making it easier to access the animals as well as the trails.

Visiting in this season helps travelers to get discounts for the lodges and hotel prices and they are not fully booked as in high season. Also during these month/low season, there less tourists visiting and on top of that, the permits for gorilla trekking are lowered in Uganda from 600USD to 450USD for non-residents whereas in Rwanda the permits remains the same.

They are never discounted be it in low season or high season and this price is 750USD per person. Hence Gorilla Trekking Rwanda and Uganda are pocket friendly in low season.

Being located along the equator and a home to the shores of lake Victoria, Uganda’s average temperature is around 22 (degrees)  and it drops at night on around 12(degrees). Uganda also has 2 rainy season that lasts from October-November (shorter one) then the longer one ranges from mid-march till may.

Since Uganda receives an average amount of about (1000-2000mmm) of rainfalls annually in its wet season, hence it becomes very hard to hike and trek in the forests because the trails becomes too slippery thus if you don’t have a 4 by 4 wheel drive, you might fail to make it to the gorilla families or even to enjoy your adventure experience.

However, what you need to know is that regardless of what season you choose to visit these giant primates, expect it to rain anytime even when it is dry season. After all, this is Africa it rains in the morning; in the afternoon you see a heat of sun has it has never rained for years.

As we put in mind the best time to go gorilla trekking, we also need to know what will be our best wear while trekking; we suggest a long trousers to protect you from the thorns and scratches since you will be passing in the bush.

Packed lunch and drinking water from the lodge is also essential since you will be spending long hours in the forest, long sleeved shirt,boots,thick stocks, walking stick sturdy gardening gloves to help you from cracks in your hands. A porter is also recommended while on your trek, because they assist you in heavy bags especially if it rains.

In conclusion, as you plan for your gorilla safaris, Uganda and Rwanda are your ideal destinations to the best remarkable experience of gorilla trekking at any time of the year.

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